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  • Alastair Burns over Gramble World

    Op 31 januari geeft Alastair Burns een presentatie over Gramble World. Hij zal dat doen in het Nederlands. Hieronder alvast een kennismaking in het Engels...

    Gramble aims to be the most fun and respected social-gaming network in the world while improving over a billion lives by reinventing the way people donate to charity.


    Founded in 2012 by CEO Adam JT Palmer, Gramble still considers itself to be a start-up. In the short year that the company has been operational it has attracted investments totaling over €3 million and a strategic partnership with Novamedia, operators of the Nationale Postcode Loterij and the 3rd largest charity donor in the world.


    In December Gramble released their network in Open Beta for gamers that care. The idea is simple:

    People play great games and in doing so, charities featured on the network automatically benefit. In April 2012, Gramble existed as a handful of friends with a vision. Today the company has grown to over 40 staff based at their Den Haag HQ: “Monkey Island”, and spread across five other global locations.



    Alastair Burns is proud to call himself the OPS Grambler. As COO he keeps the company rhythm, always looking for definition, strategy and improvement. A games industry and social media veteran, this is pretty much the most hot-damn fun he’s ever had as a professional.